Return your purchase

    Return a purchase easily with a prepaid return label

    Use this return service from participating merchants to print your Canada Post return shipping label at home. Use the return code provided by the store that sold you the item.

    Get a return label

    How to print a return label

    Use your Canada Post return shipping label once only. If you have an additional order to return, create a new, unique return label.

    1. Click the button above
      Click ’Get my return label’ above to get started.
    2. Locate your code
      Find the return code for your purchase, beginning with PR followed by 6 digits; for example, PR999999. It’s often found on the packing slip, in a merchant email or on their website. Note that only participating merchants provide this service.
    3. Use your code
      Enter the return code into the field, then click the continue button.
    4. Submit your information
      Enter your contact information, confirm the item weight and select whether you would like to receive email notifications for parcel tracking updates.
    5. Receive the email
      You’ll receive an email with a link to the return label, the tracking number and a QR code. Save the QR code to your Apple Wallet for quick access. 
    6. Print your label
      Print your return shipping label and tape it to the package. You can get your label printed at a participating Canada Post location by bringing in your QR code. Your package must be at least 10.2 cm x 15.2 cm (4 inches x 6 inches) to fit the label.

    Drop off your package at a post office or street letter box, then track it online.

    What if my code doesn't work

    If your code isn’t accepted because it’s inactive, contact the business that sold you the merchandise. Check their return policy webpage for a phone number or email address to contact about policy issues.

    If you’ve entered the code incorrectly, you’ll see an error message on the page. Please re-enter your code with the correct digits.