Pay less for large-volume mailings

Find out how you can save money when you send more than 1,000 items in Canada or more than 100 internationally. It’s our most cost-effective way of sending business correspondence, invoices and billing statements. Terms and conditions apply.

How to get started with business letter discounts

Have one of our direct mail partners help you send your business letters (Incentive LettermailTM in Canada or International Incentive Letter-postTM to the U.S. and international destinations) or contact us directly for more information.


Postage starts as low as $0.98 per mail piece in Canada and $1.40 to the U.S. See if you qualify for postage discounts! Pricing exclusive of taxes and subject to change without notice.

Contact us for pricing

When will my business letters be delivered?

Expected delivery by distance
Expected delivery by distance Shipping distance Projected arrival date (business days)
Canada 2-4 days
U.S. 4-6 days
International 4-7 days

Need more details on large-volume mailings?

You’ll learn about:

  • Pricing based on the item’s weight. 
  • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing. 
  • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing. 
  • Creating your order.
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