What is your business journey?

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Which one of the following best describes your business?

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Do you consider your business a side hustle (a job that supplements the income from your primary job)?

Question 3 of 6

Did you start your business in 2020 or later?

Question 4 of 6

Has your business remained steady and mostly unchanged for 5-10 years or more?

Question 5 of 6

Has your business undergone a major transformation recently, or needs to undergo one soon?

Question 6 of 6

Are you looking to take your small business to the next level?

You seem to be new to the game!

Entrepreneurship is the perfect fit for you. Now you want to master business basics.

Here are some useful resources to help you get the answers you need:

Your seem to be steady as you go!

Having survived, and maybe even thrived, during an economic downturn, you've earned your small business pedigree. Now you're seeking ways to continue your growth and future-proof your business.

Here are some useful resources to help get you started:

You seem to be ready for prime time!

You and your peers are looking to scale their businesses by boosting capacity and capability.

Here are some useful tips and insights to inform your next steps:

You seem to be a reinventor!

You look at challenges as opportunities to reinvent yourself and your business. You were built for the age of ecommerce. Like you, it thrives on ingenuity and innovation.

Here are some useful tips and resources to help fuel reinvention:

You seem to be a side hustler!

Side hustlers always existed, but the pandemic increased their numbers exponentially. You may be trying to earn extra income or hoping to become a legit business.

Here are some tips and resources you may find especially informative: