Tips for moving a home-based business

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Some simple preparations will keep your home-based small business thriving before, during and after a move.

Tell your customers your business is moving

Naturally, you’ll want to tell your clients and customers about your move. You’ll also need to change at least some of your promotional materials. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Pick up free change of address cards from any Canada Post outlet and mail them to key customers and clients.
  • Send email notifications to key customers and clients. You can do this yourself or through our smartmoves™ program.
  • Reprint your business cards so you’ll have a supply of new ones by the date of the move. Don’t print a lot of them, though, just in case you need to make changes after you move in landline phone numbers, for example, often aren’t guaranteed until the line is installed.
  • Examine your printed promotional and publicity materials, such as brochures, and reprint them as necessary. If they’re getting a little stale, this might be a great time to redesign them. Again, don’t print a big run until you’re sure that no further changes will be needed.
  • Prepare any changes needed for your website and arrange to have them take effect the day of your move.

Moving your small business yourself

Depending on the kind of business you operate, renting a van and moving everything yourself may be a reasonable choice. Before opting for this approach, however, consider carefully how much your time and energy are worth. You may decide that it’s more cost-effective, in the end, to hire a mover.

If you choose the do-it-yourself method, keep the following in mind:

  • You may get a lower rental rate if you can move at an off-peak time, so consider this possibility when scheduling your move.
  • Find out what insurance options the rental company offers to cover you while you’re driving the truck.
  • Check with your insurance broker to make sure your business insurance covers your belongings while they’re in transit.

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