How do I get a refund for spoiled meter impressions?

    Do you qualify for a refund?

    To qualify for a refund, postage meter impressions must:

    • be completely legible
    • be separated by denomination and by the postage meter number (customer must do this)
    • not be used, on the original envelopes, wrappers, or labels
    • not be manually altered

    If you do not qualify for a refund (see above), you may wish to contact your meter provider's representative for assistance.

    Where do you return your spoiled meter impressions?

    Return spoiled meter impressions to a corporate Canada Post office. Corporate post offices are managed by Canada Post. Post office franchises, which are hosted by retailers, do not issue postage meter refunds.

    What is the minimum refund for spoiled meter impressions?

    Spoiled meter impressions totalling $5.00 or less are not refunded. Please collect $20.00 or more of spoiled meter impressions before you return them to a corporate Canada Post office for a credit or refund.

    How does Canada Post pay for refunds?

    If the amount is $999.99 or less, the post office may issue a money order in the amount of the refund. Please provide a detailed list of your spoiled meter impressions and return them to the nearest corporate Canada Post office.

    If the amount is more than $999.99, the post office will fill out a receipt for the spoiled meter impressions, and give you a copy for your records. The post office will send a copy to Canada Post's head office. The amount, less the applicable fee, will be credited to your meter manufacturer's account. These credits are issued at the end of each month.

    The fees are:

    Spoiled meter impressions ($ amount)Fee

    less than $20


    $20 - $200

    10% of the total

    more than $200

    10% on the 1st $200 and 5% on the balance