How to pay your commercial account

    How to pay your commercial account

    Commercial customers can pay their account(s) in 4 ways:

    • Pre-authorized bank payment

    No need to pay by cheque when you qualify for pre-authorized bank payments. Benefits include:

    • weekly or monthly pre-authorized payments
    • easy account reconciliation
    • automatic invoice payment from your bank account on the invoice due date

    To apply, download and complete the pre-authorized bank payment application form.

    • Pre-authorized credit card payment

    Pre-authorized credit card payment (PACC) eliminates the need to prepare cheques and simplifies account reconciliation. If you qualify for this payment method, amounts due will be automatically charged to your credit card on the invoice due date. To apply for pre-authorized credit card payment:

    • call Credit Management Group at 1-800-267-7651
    • select option 3
    • provide your Canada Post customer number
    • Online payment

    View and pay your outstanding transactions through Manage My Account.

    Use online payment to:

    • select the transactions you want to pay
    • transfer the funds directly from your bank account on the next business day

    Apply for access to Manage My Account by calling the Canada Post Credit Management Group at 1-800-267-7651.

    If you already have a pre-authorized bank payment, the bank account used for online payment must be the same. If you're already set up for pre-authorized credit card payment, online payment is not available.

    To apply, download and complete online payment application form
    To apply, download and complete dealers online payment form

    • Payment on account

    When you pay by cheque:

    • make cheque payable to Canada Post Corporation
    • include your Canada Post customer number
    • include your invoice remittance stub
    • provide details if the amount paid is different than the amount due
    • send by mail to:


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