Billing options for Solutions for Small Business (FAQs)

    For customers transitioning from a large-volume contract to a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business accountTM.

    What payment options are available to me?

    As a Solutions for Small Business customer, you can pay for Canada Post products and services using any major credit card. If you have an active postage meter, you can continue using Supplier Account as a method of payment where available.

    Will the terms of my agreement change now that my account has been changed to Solutions for Small Business?

    Yes. Solutions for Small Business customers are required to pay for purchases when they create their order. This includes shipping and direct marketing online tools, purchases made at the Canada Post Shop or at any of our post office locations. Meter and Supplier Account payment options may be available when transacting with some of our partners.

    Why can’t I “Bill to Account” to pay for my purchases anymore.

    A Solutions for Small Business account does not qualify for Bill to Account privileges.

    If my Canada Post volumes and revenue (shipping and direct mail) increases, will I be converted back to a Commercial customer?

    When your volumes and revenue (for shipping and direct mail) increases to meet Commercial customer qualifications, a sales representative will contact you to proceed with the next steps.

    In this case, will I maintain the same terms from my previous commercial contract?

    You could continue to pay at order creation, but you may qualify for 15 day credit terms.

    Where can I get a record of my charges now that invoices are no longer being sent to me?

    A record of your charges is available in epost. Add “Canada Post-Customer Billing” as a bill or statement.

    Can I keep using Supplier Account as a method of payment for my parcels?

    Supplier Accounts remain unchanged and customers can continue to use it for their Parcel shipments when using select online shipping tools.

    My contract/agreement was recently cancelled but I still have questions about my billing, who can help me?

    For inquiries regarding billing, call 1-800-267-7651 or get help from Support.