Definitions of terms used in Intelligence 360

Find the meanings of the terms used in Intelligence 360 reports, pages and your shipping with Canada Post. Listed alphabetically.

Address verification: An invalid postal format or postal code error means that the item needs a valid address before it can be delivered.

Customer number: A seven-digit number assigned to your shipping system when an organization signs an agreement with Canada Post.

Customer references: Reference field 1 and 2 your shipping system. If these fields are not used by you, they are blank in Intelligence 360.

Customs – Appeal of duties: Customer disputing the duty charges assessed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Delayed – Beyond Canada Post’s control: This delivery delay (also known as force majeure) is caused by a situation beyond Canada Post’s reasonable control. This includes severe weather, acts of God, demonstrations, labour disruption, major power outage and so on.

Delayed – Processing error: Item is re-routed due to a processing error. Possible delay to delivery of item.

Delivered: Item(s) was successfully delivered.

Destination: The location to which the item was delivered.

Exceptions: Exceptions are outbound or inbound items  that have unforeseen delivery interruptions.

Expected delivery date: Date the item is scheduled to arrive at its final destination.

Filters: Select a filter to see the items  you want to view. Intelligence 360TM allows you to filter by timeframe , customer number, shipping service and exception(s).

Final delivery notice: The recipient must collect the item at a designated Post Office within a specific time period. If not collected, the item is returned to sender.

Inbound: Item(s) being returned to your business. Inbound items include both Return to sender (RTS) and  authorized or anticipated returns.

In transit – Item is travelling to its destination.

Item – A single parcel sent using Canada Post’s shipping services.

Label correction: Canada Post is trying to correct an unreadable barcode on the shipping label. Until corrected, the item is undeliverable. Possible delay to delivery of item.

Last scan details: Date, time and location of the scan status.

Last scan status: Shows the most recent scan of an item.

Manifest date: Date the electronic manifest was submitted by the sender.

My reports: Create reports of both summarized and item level information about your items. Generate reports on the spot or automate them by scheduling them at regular time intervals.

Nickname: When adding items to your watchlist, assign a name to the tracking number. Nicknames can only be viewed in Intelligence 360.

Notifications: Send email notifications to yourself and up to 10 other individuals on each item-tracking event as they occur.

On hold: Item on hold. Reasons could include; at the recipient’s request, the business being closed for the day, item held at customs, or verifying recipient’s address.

On-time deliveries: Measurement of on-time delivery performance based on the delivery standard and when the actual delivery or the delivery attempt was made.

Origin: The full address where the item was shipped from.

Outbound: Items shipped from your business.

Performance summary: by customer number: View on time performance by customer number.

Performance summary: by delivery standard: View on time performance by delivery standard.

Performance summary: by destination: View on time performance by destination province.

Ready to ship: Electronic information has been submitted by the sender, but items are not yet received or picked up by Canada Post.

Redirected: Item being redirected to the recipient’s new address.

Refresh: Select the refresh symbol to update information contained in Intelligence 360.

Return to sender (RTS) : Item being returned to sender when one or more of the following conditions exist: item refused or endorsed as moved or unknown, unclaimed by the receiver, delivery address is incomplete, delivery address does not exist or no forwarding address.

Return type: Return to sender (RTS) , an authorized or anticipated return.

Service ticket report: View the service tickets associated with your customer numbers.

Shipped: The item(s) have been picked up by Canada Post or deposited at a Canada Post facility.

Shipping profile: by customer number: View volume of items billed, net cost and average weight by customer number.

Shipping profile: by destination: View volume of items billed, net cost and average weight by origin and destination location.

Shipping profile: by weight category: View volume of items billed,  net cost and fuel surcharge by weight category.

Shipping services: Parcel shipping services used to send your items to Canadian, U.S. and international destinations.

Tracking references: Tracking number or manifest number.

Tracking summary report: View detailed shipment data, tracking milestones and the latest status of your items.

Undeliverable: Item cannot be delivered as addressed. It cannot be returned to the shipper. It is sent to the Undeliverable Mail Office.

Unknown date: Unable to provide an expected delivery date.

Watch list: Monitor up to 20 shipped items.

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