What is a letter of authorization?

    A letter of authorization is a document that allows you to act on behalf of another person, business, or organization to pick up mail or apply for postal services. You can get a copy at your local post office, or you can get one online.

    A letter of authorization includes the printed name and signature of the addressee (an individual, organization or business), along with a list of name(s) and signature(s) of anyone authorized to act on their behalf.

    How to use a letter of authorization

    When you have a letter of authorization, signed by the individual granting authority, bring it with you to the post office along with government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity. As the individual submitting the letter of authorization to the post office, you will be required to sign the letter in the presence of a Canada Post employee or retail postal clerk.

    Note: Items shipped with the Proof of Identity service can’t be delivered to anyone other than the addressee. Even if the representative has a letter of authorization or other legal documents, only the intended recipient can accept the item.

    View the postal guide for more information about the letter of authorization.