Automatic Tracking FAQ | Support

    Automatic tracking is a free feature that automatically adds packages to your track list, sends you delivery notifications and more. Learn about this feature in our frequently asked questions.

    Automatic Tracking Terms and Conditions

    Automatic tracking is a free feature that automatically adds packages to your track list, sends you delivery notifications and more. View the Terms and Conditions of this feature.

    Proof of Age requirements

    Some deliveries require the recipient to provide Proof of Age. Here’s how that works when doing so directly is difficult:

    Cannabis promotion

    Services, guidelines and restrictions for promoting cannabis in Canada as a licensed seller.

    Shipping medical cannabis

    Specialized support teams and products to support businesses shipping medical cannabis and improve the experience of their customers.

    How to package cannabis for shipping

    Learn about Health Canada packaging and labelling regulations for cannabis. Then find out how to prepare your cannabis for shipping to Canadians.

    Problem with Hold Mail service

    Information on Hold Mail – change dates, extend service, why parcels still may arrive, mail still arriving after Hold date has begun.

    What’s a parcel locker

    Get a parcel locker in your building for a convenient, secure way to receive parcels, even when you’re not at home.

    Community Mailbox FAQ

    Have questions about your community mailbox? Explore Frequently Asked Questions for answers:

    How to rent a P.O. Box

    Rent a Postal Box in person at a post office. Fill out a form and pay by credit, debit, or cash.

    Rental fees for postal boxes

    The cost of your Postal Box depends on the size you choose, how long you rent it, and whether your box is in an urban or rural location.

    P.O. Box size choices

    PO Boxes come in 5 different sizes. Sizes range from small boxes to extra large containers for high volumes of commercial mail.

    Irregular mail delivery

    Businesses that are reopening after COVID-19 closures can submit a service ticket to receive their mail.

    How Mail Forwarding works

    If you move or temporarily relocate, Mail Forwarding service redirects your mail from your old address to another address anywhere in Canada or the world.

    Mail not being forwarded

    When you buy Mail Forwarding service you should start receiving forwarded mail within 5 business days. If not, use this online form to report a problem.

    Only some mail is being forwarded

    Learn why you may not be receiving all your forwarded mail and how to correct this. If you’re still not getting all your mail you can report the problem.

    Types of mail for Mail Forwarding

    Find out what mail items get forwarded when you buy the Mail Forwarding service. Lettermail™, Registered Mail™ and magazines all use mail forwarding.

    Change how you receive mail

    Get your mail delivered to a location other than your residence or business. Use a community mailbox or post office box.

    Mail delivered to wrong address

    If you’re receiving someone else’s mail or you know someone else is receiving your mail, fill out an online service ticket and we’ll investigate.

    Rural mailbox rules

    Follow these specifications to ensure your rural mailbox makes delivery easy for Canada Post.

    Post office opening hours

    First look up your post office in Find a Post Office and then you can view the hours of operation for that location.