What are the service’s limitations?

    What are the service’s limitations?

    We cannot forward mail addressed from a location where multiple individuals or businesses share an identical address, or where the building’s privately owned mail room or administration office sorts and delivers mail for its occupants. Therefore, if you receive mail at one of the following types of locations, you must make alternate arrangements to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

    • An institution (e.g. a business, hotel, motel, rooming house, nursing home, hospital, school) or privately administered mailbox.
    • A shared postal address, such as:
      • When a business shares an address with more than one other business.
      • You receive your mail through a privately administered mailbox such as a UPS store.
      • When an employee or a division of an organization relocates to a new address.

    Parcels are not included in the service. Please advise the sender(s) of your new address should you expect any deliveries.

    What you can do

    If your business resides in a location where building management sorts the mail and distributes it, consider making arrangements with them.