FAQ about Photo Confirmation for delivered packages

    What is Photo Confirmation?

    Photo Confirmation is a free feature where a photo of your package is taken after a safe-drop delivery. With Photo Confirmation, you’ll know your package has safely arrived at your door, even when you’re not home. The delivery photo will be available on the Canada Post website and mobile application and can be accessed via the Track a Package dashboard. All you have to do is sign in to your Canada Post account.

    How do I enable Photo Confirmation?

    You will receive photo confirmation for all safe-drop delivery packages.

    For privacy and security reasons, a Canada Post account is required to view your delivery photos. Sign in to your Canada Post account. Don’t have an account? Sign up now.

    How do I access Photo Confirmation?

    1. Once you receive a notification that your package has arrived, sign in to your Canada Post account.
    2. Navigate to the Track a Package dashboard.
    3. Select the tracking number for the delivered package.
    4. Click on “View Photo” to view a picture of your delivered package.

    Are delivery photos stored? If so, how long will they be kept for?   

    Yes, delivery photos are securely stored in our systems and will be accessible via your account for one year. After that, it will be archived for an additional year and accessible by request should a copy be needed. You can contact us or chat with our virtual assistant to have it retrieved.

    Why does Canada Post keep the delivery photos?

    Photos are saved to reduce uncertainty for both you and the sender of your package should there be any issues with the delivery.

    How do I opt-out of Photo Confirmation?

    Photo Confirmation is a part of the safe-drop feature. To disable Photo Confirmation, you can update your delivery preferences to no longer have your eligible packages safe-dropped.

    Where can I find more information on how Canada Post collects, uses and keeps my information secure?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

    What is the benefit of Photo Confirmation? 

    Photo Confirmation provides greater visibility in the delivery process of your package. You’ll have the comfort of knowing exactly where your safe-dropped packages are placed upon delivery.

    Is Photo Confirmation free?

    Yes, Photo Confirmation is free for all Canada Post customers.

    Do I need to have a Canada Post account to receive Photo Confirmation?

    Yes, we prioritize security and privacy, and your account ensures that only you can view images of your packages.

    How can I access Photo Confirmation?

    Photo Confirmation will be available on the Canada Post website and mobile applications (iOS and Android).

    Is Photo Confirmation only available for safe-drop packages?

    Yes, this feature is only applicable to safe-dropped packages.

    Will I still receive a safe-drop delivery card for my package?

    No, you will no longer receive a safe-drop delivery card for packages that have a Photo Confirmation.

    What do I do if I’ve received a Photo Confirmation but still can’t locate my package?

    Learn how to find a missing package that shows as “Delivered”.

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