How to set your delivery preference location

    You can't always be home to receive your online purchases. Did you know you can set a delivery preference location that tells our delivery agents where to safely leave your package (outside your home) when you can't be there to receive it? We'll make a reasonable effort to accommodate your request for eligible packages.

    Here's how to set your delivery preference location

    1. Online purchase

      Make your online purchase and select Canada Post as your delivery service (if available).

    2. Track your package

      Once you receive your tracking number from the merchant (the store where you made your online purchase), go to the Track tool or download the mobile app. You'll need to enter the tracking number for each package.

    3. Request email notifications for the Track tool or push notifications for the app

      Whether you're in the Track tool, signed in to your Dashboard or using the mobile app, you'll need to enter your tracking number for each package and click "email address" under the Email notifications section. Complete the form and click submit. You'll get delivery status updates by email or you'll receive push notifications on your phone.

    4. Select your delivery preference

      If your package is eligible, you can choose from the pre-defined list (safe-drop locations outside your home) where you want your package to be delivered. There is no cost to specify a delivery preference location. Delivery preference locations are available in the Track tool or through the mobile app (iOS only).

    5. Terms and conditions

      You need to agree to the terms and conditions each time you select your delivery preference location.

    6. Duty and taxes

      If you're expecting an international package, you may receive a notification to pay duty and taxes*.

    7. Email confirmation

      You'll get an email or a push notification (on your phone if you're using the app) to confirm your delivery preference as well as status updates during the delivery process.

    How do I know if my package is eligible?

    Your first step is to sign up for notifications! The Track tool or mobile app will prompt you if your package is eligible for you to select a delivery preference.

    If the merchant has shipped your package to your address that has a community mailbox or a building parcel locker, the delivery will be made to that location. If you can't be home for a delivery or your package is too big for the community mailbox or parcel locker, you can set a delivery preference. This gives you the option to set a safe-drop location (outside your home) like the side door or the front desk of your lobby. You must set a delivery preference location before the delivery agent attempts to deliver the package.

    Did you receive a delivery notice card ("notice left" in your track status) to pick up your package at the post office? Find out why.

    * There is no additional fee for paying the duty and taxes online but there is a $9.95 handling fee included in the amount owing.