Publications Mail bundles

Send multiple copies of the same issue to a single address

Need to send multiple copies of a current publication (with the same issue date) to one destination — like a medical clinic or hairdressing salon? You can bundle them together (wrapping or tying) instead of mailing each copy in an individual package.

When preparing Publications Mail™ bundles:

  • Bundles must include “DIRECT BUNDLE TO THIS ADDRESS” on or near the address label to be accepted for mailing.
  • You don’t need a separate Statement of Mailing. You can enter your bundle(s) on the same order as items using Machineable, Special Handling, or Delivery Facility Persort.
  • There is no minimum volume.
  • You are not required to presort bundles.
  • Bundles must be separated from individually addressed copies of your publication when you bring them for deposit.
  • You can send two or more back issues of your publication as a bundle.