EST Online Update for Small Business Shippers (September 2019)

    In 2020, EST Online will be decommissioned and replaced by our latest shipping tools.

    Small-business customers who are part of the Solutions for Small Business™ program, or commercial customers who don’t have a shipping contract can use Snap Ship.

    New features

    Snap Ship streamlines the EST Online experience for small businesses:

    • Reuse shipping details: You can save a set of packaging dimensions and shipment weight as a selectable template for future shipments. You can also save customs information for an item that you regularly ship.
    • Multiple shipping labels: You can create more than one shipping label at a time, and pay for them together at checkout.
    • Save shipments for later: Select the shipments you want to pay for and leave the rest for later.
    • Integrated customs form: When sending to a U.S. or international destination, the customs form is automatically added to the label creation steps.
    • Integrated pickup: You can book an On Demand Pickup before checking out. Shipments can be added to existing pickups or new ones.
    • Order history: View your recent orders within the tool. Reprint labels for active orders.

    Upcoming features

    In 2020, Snap Ship will have the following features:

    • Using supplier accounts as a method of payment
    • Indicating a shipment is a document for Xpresspost Certified shipping

    Try Snap Ship

    Are you a commercial customer with a parcel contract? Learn about Shipping Manager.

    Snap Ship FAQ

    What is Snap Ship?

    Snap Ship is a tool used by small business customers (who do not have a parcels contract) to create, pay for, and print shipping labels online.

    Users who don’t have a printer can print their labels printed at the post office.

    Who can use Snap Ship?

    All members of the Solutions for Small Business program can use Snap Ship. They only need to be signed in to their business profile.

    Can international and U.S.-based customers use Snap Ship?

    Yes, however, the shipper must be use a Canadian sender address. A customer whose Canada Post profile has a non-Canadian address can use the tool by adding a Canadian sender address as a secondary address.

    When should I use Snap Ship over Canada Post’s other shipping tools?

    You should use Snap Ship if:

    • you are a small business customer without a parcels contract
    • you send small to medium volumes of packages daily through Canada Post
    • you want to pay by credit card
    What is the difference between Shipping Manager, Snap Ship, and EST Online?

    All three tools are used to create shipping labels for Canadian, U.S. or international destinations, and offer their respective users shipping discounts.

    Snap Ship is a tool for small business shippers who are members of the Solutions for Small Business program.

    Shipping Manager is a new tool for commercial shippers with a parcels contract.

    EST Online is a soon-to-be-decommissioned tool that business customers with specific account criteria can use.

    In 2020, Shipping Manager will fully replace EST Online.

    What benefits does Snap Ship offer?
    • Access to Solutions for Small Business discounts
    • Create multiple shipments
    • Saved Sessions
    • Save your shipping details so you can save your packaging and custom details to reuse on other shipments
    • Quick comparison of available shipping services
    • Simplified shipment email notification and tracking
    • Integrated On Demand Pickup requests
    • Secure credit card payment method
    • Recipient address management for repeat shipments
    • Scan QR code and print at retail.
    • Mobile friendly
    • Accessibility compliant
    Will consumers or personal shippers ever be able to use Snap Ship?

    Snap Ship is for business customers only. Consumer or personal users will be directed to Ship Online to create and pay for shipping labels online.

    Does the introduction of Snap Ship mean that Canada Post will be decommissioning EST Online or Express Order Entry in the future?

    Yes, EST Online and Express Order Entry for shipping will be decommissioned in 2020.

    EST Online and Express Order Entry for mailing is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2021.

    What payment methods are available in Snap Ship?

    Customers can use the credit card stored in their business profile, or enter new credit card information during checkout.

    Payment by account is available for some select customers.

    Which services can I access in Snap Ship?

    A variety of domestic, U.S., and international shipping services are available. The only shipping service not is Priority Worldwide to the U.S. and Priority Worldwide to international destinations.

    The service available for any particular shipment depend on the shipment destination, and its weight and dimensions.

    Can I import or maintain an address book in Snap Ship?

    You presently cannot import an existing address book into Snap Ship. However, you can save recipient addresses to build an address book within the tool. Additionally, in Snap Ship, you can see any addresses you have saved in an EST Online address book.

    When you start typing an address, matching saved addresses are displayed. Simply select the one you want to ship to.

    Is there a maximum number of shipments allowed in one order?

    You can add up to 50 shipments per order. After 50 shipments, you will need to pay for some or all of the order at checkout.

    Can I pay for only some of the shipments in my order?

    Yes, you can select which shipments are part of your order at checkout. After completing payment, the other shipments remain on your order page. Note that these shipments will expire 7 days after you create them.

    Can I use the tool if I don’t have a printer?

    You do not need a printer to use the tool. After paying for your order, you have the option of bringing your unlabelled shipments and email receipt on your mobile device to any full service post office. The receipt includes a code that can be scanned to print your label.

    How can I access Snap Ship?

    Snap Ship tool is available through these options:

    Can I pay using my supplier account?

    No, Snap Ship will not have supplier accounts as a method of payment until early 2020.

    If you require supplier account as a method of payment for your day-to-day shipping, continue to use EST Online until the next version of Snap Ship.

    Can I see my Solution for Small Business discount for an order?

    When you are selecting a shipping service for your shipment, you will see the regular price, as well as your discounted Solutions for Small Business priced.

    At checkout, on the final payment page, you will also see the total small business savings for your entire order.

    Why can’t I access Snap Ship?

    If you aren’t able to access Snap Ship (for example, the tool is “locked” on the Tools page), you may not be signed in to the correct profile. To use Snap Ship, sign in to the business profile used for small business shipping with the Solutions for Small Business program.