Money Orders

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Effective: 2021-01-11


What is it?

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A postal Money Order is a certified, cashable document guaranteed by Canada Post. It is a safe way to send money (locally) through the mail.

Canada Post Money Orders (direct service) are available to cash in Canada.

The Money Order form consists of:

  • a negotiable document with all other proof of purchase and claims or enquiry information printed on the Point-of-Sale (POS) receipt
  • added security features which include: a barcode serial number, polarized ink and a security code which is printed at the time of issue by the POS system and is used to verify the validity when a new Money Order is cashed.

Key benefit:

  • allows you to transfer funds
  • allows you to make bill payments or purchases
  • no need to share your financial details.


Purchasing a Money Order

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Money Orders are purchased at a post office and are available in Canadian currency:

Maximum Amount
(peach in colour)

A separate fee applies to each additional Money Order purchased.


What you need to know

When purchasing a Money Order you must:

  • provide the Sender / Pay To and Sender / Pay To names at the time of purchase.
  • show a valid piece of government-issued photo ID for all Money Orders of $3,000CAD or more (including fees and exchange, if applicable).
  • applicable fees are to be paid in Canadian currency.
  • pay a fee for each postal Money Order. This is in addition to the face value of each Money Order purchased.
  • pay in cash or use a debit card (where available).


Direct Service

The Direct Service enables a customer to purchase a postal Money Order and send it directly to the payee in Canada where the Money Order is cashed at its face value. The customer can either mail it to the destination or deliver it himself.

If the total amount of the customer transaction (including fees and exchange, if applicable) is $3,000CAN or more (regardless of method of payment) or if multiple transactions in cash are performed by or on behalf of the same individual in a 24 hour period total $10,000CAN or more, post offices must record specific information and complete a Financial Transaction Report. If the transaction seems suspicious, a Suspicious/Attempted Suspicious Transaction Report must be completed. Post offices may refer to the Targeting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing at your post office training binder issued in September 2009.


Cashing a Money Order

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A Money Order issued in Canada may be cashed at any post office in Canada without charge. A Money Order payable to a business or other organization may only be cashed at their financial institution.

Money Orders may be cashed by either the payer (sender) or by the payee (identified in the Pay To section of the Money Order).

Customers may be required to provide acceptable identification in relation to Money Order transactions including enquiries.


Money Orders are subject to various requirements, including federal legislation such as the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) and associated Regulations.
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A customer wishing to determine the status of their Money Order(s) when the payee claims it was not received or the sender claims to have misplaced or lost the Money Order will need to call the Money Order Verification Service (MOVS) at 1-800-563-0444.

For valid refunds of Canadian Money Orders*, the waiting period is 45 days (some conditions apply) from the day of purchase. The waiting period is necessary to ensure the Money Order clears through the Canadian payment process.

The fee paid for each Money Order is non-refundable.


Pricing Information

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To obtain information on pricing, see Canada Post Prices.



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