Fast, cost-effective shipping for documents and parcels in Canada

    Get next day and 2-day shipping with Xpresspost™. All items are tracked, delivery times are guaranteed and delivery status can be checked online*.

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    Shipping distance Local Regional National

    Projected delivery date (business days)

    Next day Next day 2 days

    How much does Xpresspost cost?

    We’ll give you an estimate based on your parcel size, weight, and where it’s going. Value-added features are included at no extra cost while options have additional fees.
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    You and your customers can track using the unique tracking number. Get email notifications or use our mobile app.

    Reference number tracking

    Use your own internal reference number or reference name when you create a shipping label.

    Peace of mind

    On-time guarantee

    If your parcel doesn’t arrive on time, you get replacement service or credit equivalent for the shipping charges. Terms and conditions apply.

    Liability coverage up to $100

    Every package has an automatic $100 coverage. Purchase additional liability for valuable parcels. Terms and conditions apply.


    Leave at door (Do not card)

    If no one is home to receive the parcel, we’ll look for a safe location to leave it (with a safe drop card telling you the location of the item). If a safe location is not possible, we’ll leave you a delivery notice card telling you where to pickup the item at a designated post office.

    Card (hold) for pickup

    A delivery notice card lets your customer know they can pick up their parcel at the nearest post office. Ideal for temperature-sensitive items.  Government-issued photo ID is required to pick up parcels. Customers must sign up for this option.

    Do not safe drop

    The parcel will be left in the mailbox when delivery is made to the door. If the parcel doesn't fit and there's no one home, we'll leave a delivery notice card for pickup at the nearest post office.

    Deliver to post office

    Customers can choose where they want to pick up their items –a post office near work, gym or the cottage.  Government-issued photo ID is required to pick up items.

    Signature and identity


    Get a signature when the item is delivered.

    Proof of age

    We’ll request valid photo ID for customers under 30 years of age.

    Proof of identity

    Get in-person authentication. Ideal for businesses that ship credit cards, identity cards and high-value goods.

    Hard copy signature

    Get a free online name and signature or have a hard copy sent to you for a fee.


    Parcel return labels

    Offer your customers convenient options for returned merchandise or returned products for repairs and refills. Include a return label when you ship. You pay only if your return label is used.

    Return to sender

    Parcels are returned to you if the customer has moved or the address is incomplete or doesn’t exist.

    Pickup services

    On-demand pickup

    Arrange a one-time pickup convenient for your business.

    Third-party on-demand pickup

    Authorize a Canada Post pickup at a third-party location or alternate address. Available to commercial customers with a signed parcel agreement.

    Scheduled pickup

    For frequent shippers who require pickup service on 3 or more days per week per location.

    Third-party scheduled pickup

    Extend your scheduled pickup service to additional addresses. Available to commercial customers with a signed parcel agreement.
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    Additional options

    Additional liability coverage

    Up to $5,000. Terms and conditions apply.

    Collect on delivery (COD)

    Canada Post will collect up to $5,000 by credit card or up to $1,000 cash before the shipment is handed over for delivery. Service available in Canada only.

    Need more information?

    Read our guide for more details on all features, options and terms and conditions.
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