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    Have a look at our alphabetical list including Canada and every country in the world. We’ll let you know which items can’t be shipped and which items need special certificates or licenses to be released from customs.

    What’s the difference between a prohibited and a controlled item?

    Prohibited items

    Some items can’t be sent in the mail. Check out our list of products that can’t be shipped.
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    Controlled items

    We deliver some products that are subject to specific requirements in order to be sent. Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis are examples of controlled items.
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    Seriously, I can ship that?

    From live bees to batteries, we have suggestions on how to package your item to guarantee a safe delivery.
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    Customs rules and requirements

    There may be fees or restrictions when you ship both into and out of Canada. We have all the foreign customs rules and requirements that you need.
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    Get the right forms

    Choose a country to see what the special requirements are. From there, download and fill out the necessary forms before you go to the post office.
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    Please note, lithium batteries can only be shipped within Canada and to the U.S.A. Lithium batteries can still be received in Canada from international destinations. View the full list of prohibited items.

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