Positively impacting our company and communities

    Learn about the steps we took in 2019 and our continued initiatives to better support the health and well-being of our employees, the environment and the communities we serve. You can also review past corporate sustainability reports.

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    Ongoing corporate responsibility efforts

    Supporting communities

    We are in service to all Canadians and want to support the progress of our communities, including our grant donations of over $1.1 million in the past year.

    Reducing environmental impact

    We are implementing changes throughout the business to green our operations, including the introduction of hybrid vehicles and renewable energy investments.

    Keeping our employees safe

    We are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace through operational safety training and wellness programs.

    Serving our customers and community

    Accessible services

    Learn about how we are reviewing and making updates to our products and services to better serve all of our customers.

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    Data privacy

    Learn about how we are keeping personal data secure and private.

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    If you have any questions or comments about the Sustainability Report or our approach to corporate responsibility, please email us at ESG@canadapost.ca