Chair's Message

Canada Post has much to be proud of in serving this country. It is the only delivery company that reaches every address and community, from large to small, from easily accessed to remote and isolated. It connects every Canadian, leaving no one out. It also plays vital economic and social roles. It is, for example, the market-share leader in e-commerce delivery. As well, targeted solicitation letters remain one of the most effective ways for the charities and non-profits to raise much-needed funds.

Canada Post continues to meet the needs of Canadians and Canadian businesses. Certainly, digital technology and increasing competition in e-commerce delivery pose challenges for the postal service. However, Canada Post continues to adapt and invest to keep meeting Canadians’ needs. The Board of Directors has approved significant investments in operational capacity, automation and technology to better serve customers. These will allow us to sustain growth in the Parcels business as e-commerce itself grows. In 2020 and beyond, we will continue to position ourselves to grow.

Jessica L. McDonald, Chair of the Board of Directors of Canada Post.

I am proud to see Canada Post make progress in other ways, too. For example, Canadians are increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability. They look to major companies and institutions to do their part. At Canada Post, we acknowledge our considerable environmental impact given the size of our network and fleet – and we must take steps to reduce that impact. In 2019, we added 374 hybrid light delivery vehicles to our fleet. We also worked closely with all our bargaining agents on a joint statement, published in August of 2019. It acknowledged our shared interest and responsibility around environmental sustainability, and committed us all to work together to reduce Canada Post’s environmental footprint. Productive collaboration continued as we developed our 2020-22 Environmental Action Plan.

Collaboration with our bargaining agents also extended to collective bargaining. After productive and respectful discussions, the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association signed a new agreement in 2019, which was later ratified by its members.

At Canada Post, people’s safety is our top priority. In 2019, as this report details, safety results improved across several key measures. However, when it comes to safety, even one injury is too many, so we realize there is more to be done. As it does with safety, Canada Post also values diversity and inclusion – and in 2019, we made progress in this regard, too. By establishing partnerships and working with bargaining agents, we improved the number of Indigenous people and persons with disabilities at Canada Post by 7.6 per cent and 8.3 per cent, respectively. Here again, we are taking steps to make more progress.

Overseeing all of management’s efforts are the highly engaged members of our diverse Board. They take seriously their responsibilities and the need to ensure that Canada Post reflects the broad priorities of our shareholder, the Government of Canada, and of Canadians. We take seriously our role to oversee management’s strategies and outcomes. I am grateful to all the members of the Board for their dedication and contributions as they provide oversight in regards to management’s strategies and outcomes. In particular, I want to thank Alain Sans Cartier, who stepped down in December after serving on the Board since 2012.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication. Everything Canada Post does is possible only because of them. I also thank our customers for choosing us.

Jessica L. McDonald signature

Jessica L. McDonald
Chair of the Board of Directors