Other public policy programs

Government mail and material for the use of the blind

The Canada Post Corporation Act (Act) allows for mailing of letters free of charge between citizens and the Governor General, members of Parliament (MPs), the speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons, and other designated officials of Parliament. MPs can also send up to four flyer mailings a year free of charge to their constituents.

The Act also provides for free mailing of material for the use of the blind. Canadians who are visually impaired and many libraries across the country, including that of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), send talking books and other materials free of charge across Canada and around the world.

Canada Post received a government appropriation of approximately $22 million in 2019 to help offset the financial impact of government mail and materials for the use of the blind. Additional information can be found in the organization's Corporate Plan summary Opens in new window.

Library materials

The library materials service, mandated by the Canada Post Corporation Act, is available to recognized public libraries, university libraries or other libraries that are maintained by non-profit organizations or associations and are for public use in Canada. The service provides reduced postage rates for eligible library materials circulated between a library and its patrons. Canada Post receives no appropriation or compensation of any kind from the government to offset this reduced postage rate.

Environment policy

Canada Post is committed to environmental protection in its operations. Canada Post has determined in accordance with sections 66 and 67 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, that, to the best of its knowledge, during 2019 its projects were not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. More information about the Corporation’s efforts to protect the environment can be found in the Financial Section Opens in new window of the annual report under the section titled Sustainability.