Officers of the Corporation

Doug Ettinger

President and Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie Delisle

Senior Vice-President, General Counsel and Sustainability

Jan C. Faryaszewski

Chief Financial Officer

Manon Fortin

Chief Operating Officer

Rod Hart

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

Susan Margles

Chief People and Safety Officer

Jo-Anne Polak

Senior Vice-President, Corporate and Employee Communications

Daniel Beaulne

Vice-President, Health and Safety

Alexandre Brisson

Vice-President, Operations Transformation

Michael Butera

Vice-President, Pension Fund and Chief Investment Officer

Carrie Chisholm

Vice-President, Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)

Anjali Kapal

Vice-President, Product Management and Customer Experience

Nadim Kara

Vice-President, Human Resources and Employee Experience

Ian Kerr

Vice-President, Business Transformation

Alice Lafferty

Vice-President, Operations Excellence

Barbara MacKenzie (on leave)

Vice-President, Finance and Controller

Rindala El-Hage

Interim Vice-President, Finance and Controller

Serge Pitre

Vice-President, Business Development

Mike Shearon

Vice-President, Operations

Michael Yee

Vice-President, Financial Services

Other officers

Allan Sammy

General Manager, Internal Audit

As of April 1, 2023