This is our most important delivery ever

Canadians have redefined the future.
Our transformation plan will help us deliver it.

What unites Canadians is our shared belief that every person, business, and community deserves the opportunity to thrive and prosper. At Canada Post, we always put Canadians at the heart of everything we do. We have never felt that responsibility more than in the past two years. The needs of Canadians have changed significantly, and we are changing with them.

So, what are we doing to meet the evolving expectations of Canadians, coast to coast to coast? The simple answer is: everything we can. It’s all part of a comprehensive new plan driven by our purpose, A Stronger Canada – Delivered.

Canadians expect us to deliver more than ever before.

The last two years quickly accelerated the delivery expectations of Canadians and Canadian businesses. We’re responding to this urgent need by increasing capacity and improving service. Our plan includes a new leading-edge plant that will process a million parcels a day while meeting Canada’s Zero Carbon Building Standard. But our promise extends far beyond our traditional delivery services. The needs of Canadians keep changing and we’re building innovative products and services to help everyone achieve their goals.

Canadians expect more corporate leadership and social responsibility.

I believe with every delivery, every interaction, and every decision, we can be a positive force for change. We champion equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplaces. We’re reducing our environmental impact and committing to net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our operations by 2050. We serve all Canadians and know we can do better. We’re taking important steps to improve and expand services to traditionally underserved Indigenous and remote regions that rely on us.

Canadians value our incredible people as an important part of their communities.

Our employees are the face, the spirit, and the future of Canada Post. Putting their needs at the forefront is our top priority – and always will be. A new 10-year strategy will improve their health, safety and well-being in our workplaces and on the road. We’re moving forward together, working closely with our bargaining agents. To our thousands of employees serving our great nation, I am proud of the work you are doing every single day.

We understand the important role we play in serving this country in a sustainable manner and are embracing that role like never before. We’re moving forward with a plan to ensure Canadians can always rely on, and see themselves in, their postal service. As Canada continues to evolve, so will Canada Post. This isn’t simply the country we serve, it’s the country we proudly represent.


The signature of Doug Ettinger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post.
Doug EttingerPresident and CEOCanada Post
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