A Canada Post truck drives towards a barn on a rural road.

Delivering for all Canadians

Canadians are demanding more from us. We are investing to expand capacity, improve service and innovate our operations. Our goal is to continue building trust with all Canadians, including businesses that are vital to our nation’s future.

Expanding capacity

To boost capacity across the country, and especially in underserved communities, we are investing billions of dollars to improve our service, network and fleet.

Learn more about our new state-of-the-art Albert Jackson Processing Centre, as well as the significant investments we’re making in urban and rural communities across the country to expand capacity and improve service.

Enhancing our retail services

To support the diverse needs of Canadians, we are investing millions in new retail products and services across our network of nearly 6,000 post offices.

No matter who you are or where you live, all Canadians need access to fair and flexible money services. We’re testing new community hubs, working closely with each community to expand services and support local businesses.

Improving service and tracking

Canadians want more choice, more convenience and more visibility. We’re introducing better tracking, adding parcel lockers and helping them personalize their deliveries.

We’re providing Canadians with greater visibility and better options to improve their delivery experience. We’ve launched Automatic Tracking on our website and mobile app and are upgrading our equipment behind the scenes so it’s easier for customers to track a parcel during delivery. We’re also delivering to more and more parcel lockers to provide safe, secure and convenient parcel delivery. Expanded consumer testing is also under way for secure online service to notify users when new mail is on the way.

Helping Canada stay connected and businesses succeed

Canadian businesses of all sizes are facing new challenges. To support and empower their growth, we are investing in our network and in new products, services and solutions.

We’re making it easier for businesses to serve their customers by expanding our parcel pickup service and making it more convenient to drop off parcels. For small businesses, we offer curated tools, discounts and tips to help you grow and succeed. We’re also providing free industry research, best practices and better ways to reach new and existing customers through Neighbourhood Mail™ and Precision Targeter™.