Manage and enhance your personal mail delivery service

    Manage how you receive mail from Canada Post, and learn more about your residential mail delivery. Also find options for changing your address, mailbox security, delivery locations and online payments management.

    Mail Forwarding

    Moving or temporarily relocating? Make sure your mail follows you with our Mail Forwarding service.

    Hold Mail

    Don’t let mail pile up while you’re away. Use Hold Mail to keep it safe and private with Canada Post.

    Community mailboxes

    Canada Post community mailboxes receive your mail and parcels at a central unit in your neighbourhood. Access your personal mail 24/7 with keys to your compartment. Get essential information and help with issues.
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    View your statements and bills online in 1 secure inbox. epostTM gives you the power to manage your important documents online, at home, on the go or through online banking.
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