Flat rate box

A woman buys a Canada Post flat rate box at a post office counter.A woman buys a Canada Post flat rate box at a post office counter.A woman buys a Canada Post flat rate box at a post office counter.

Ship conveniently with flat rate box

Flat rate boxes are now available for purchase at all of our Canada Post locations. Buy a box and conveniently send your parcel anywhere in Canada. As long as it doesn’t weigh over 5 kg, if it fits, it ships.
Flat rate boxes can be purchased online in packs of 12 only, and shipped to you. Buy flat rate boxes.

Why use our flat rate box?

Simplify your sending

Purchase a ready to use box from any Canada Post location. Pack your items, address your box and send your package on its way.

No surprise costs

No need to calculate shipping rates. The price of postage is included in the cost of the box. Postage isn’t based on your parcel’s destination or weight, up to 5 kg.

4 convenient sizes

Boxes come in extra small, small, medium and large to meet your shipping needs. Large flat rate boxes are not available at all Canada Post locations. A request for large boxes can be made by the post office.

Environmentally friendly

Boxes are produced with at least 60% recycled content and 25% post-consumer waste. They are 100% recyclable and printed using water-based inks. All flat rate boxes include carbon-neutral shipping.

What the flat rate box includes

  • Postage
  • High quality shipping box
  • Tracking and on-time delivery guarantee1
  • Up to $100 of liability coverage for loss or damage2
  • Carbon-neutral shipping 4

No additional features and options can be added such as additional liability, coverage or signature3.

A man uses an automated parcel drop box at a post office to mail a Canada Post flat rate box.

How to get your flat rate box and ship

  1. Purchase a box from any post office across Canada. Online purchase in packs of 12 only.
  2. Pack your flat rate box without changing its dimensions or shape and secure its contents. Make sure your box doesn’t weigh more than 5 kg. These boxes will not be accepted.
  3. Ship your box from any post office or drop off small boxes in a street letter box. Please note that the delivery standard period starts when the box is first scanned.

Box sizes and costs

All flat rate boxes include tracking and on-time delivery guarantee across the country, varying by destination. Use our online delivery standards tool to find out when you can expect your flat rate box to reach its receiver.

Determine delivery standard
Box sizes and costs
Extra small Small Medium Large
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 24.1 x 16.5 x 8.9 cm (9 ½ inches x 6 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches) 35cm x 26 cm x 5cm (10 3/8 inches x 14 inches x 2 1/8 inches) 39 cm x 26 cm x 12 cm (15 3/8 inches x 10 1/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches) 40 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm (15 3/4 inches x 11 13/16 inches x 7 1/2 inches)
Max. weight up to 5 kg up to 5 kg up to 5 kg up to 5 kg
Price $17.99 $19.99 $24.99 $32.99
Drop off location Street letter box or post office Street letter box or post office Post office Post office