A feature is something that’s offered as part of the basic service.

Delivery Confirmation (Tracking)

Delivery Confirmation gives positive confirmation that the item arrived at its destination. Upon delivery, or attempted delivery, we scan the tracking number and capture the date.

The information is usually available by noon the next business day after delivery via:

  • An automated phone response system by calling 1‑888‑550‑6333


  • The internet

For the Library Materials service, Delivery Confirmation doesn’t include liability coverage.

Return Postage Paid

The price of the Library Materials service includes return postage. If you use a Library Materials barcoded return label, no postage is required on the return shipment. Each shipment must have only one return label, and you must use the label for the return of the original shipment.

Photocopies of the return label aren’t acceptable. If you split the return shipment, we’ll treat the other parts as separate shipments, which will be subject to the applicable prices for Regular Parcel™ service.

Return to Sender

Library materials that we can’t deliver will be returned to the sender at no extra charge.