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Additional requirements for Oversize mail items

There are additional Machineable Mail requirements you should keep in mind for Oversize mail items.

In envelopes (window and non-window)

  • Enclosures that are more than 1.5 mm thick should be no more than 25 mm shorter or narrower than their envelope.
  • If an enclosure doesn’t meet these dimensions, secure it to another enclosure that does.
  • If an enclosure must be read through an envelope window but isn’t secured to the envelope, it could shift position and become unreadable. To prevent this, make sure it’s no more than 15 mm smaller than the envelope in either length or width.

In transparent wrappers

The wrapper must not exceed the length or the width of the enclosure by more than 20 mm, or by more than 40 mm in length and 10 mm in width.

In unwrapped items

To confirm that an enclosure is an integral part of your unwrapped mail item, you must do a “pinch test”.

To do the pinch test:

  1. Place the middle of the item’s fold (or spine) in the palm of your hand between your thumb and fingers.
  2. Grasp the item tightly and shake it back and forth (horizontally) with its open end facing downward.