What happens to undeliverable mail

We’ll return undeliverable items to the sender only if there’s a valid return address and the item is undeliverable for one of the following reasons:

  • The receiver address doesn’t exist 
  • The item doesn’t bear a sufficient receiver address 
  • The addressee has moved without giving a forwarding address 
  • The addressee refuses the item 
  • The item doesn’t have enough postage 
  • The item will need new postage before you resend it 

If an item is undeliverable for any other reason, we’ll open it and take the following action:

Possible outcomes when we open undeliverable mail

If the item Action
Has no obvious value We’ll destroy it.
Contains merchandise with value and we can find a forwarding address We’ll price the item as required and forward it to either the sender or addressee. If we can’t find an address, we’ll sell the item (or otherwise dispose of it) and the proceeds will be credited to Canada Post.
Contains cash We’ll deposit the money to the credit of Canada Post. If we can find a forwarding address, we’ll convert the cash to a Postal Money Order, price the item as required, and forward it to either the sender or addressee.
Has contents that are prohibited by law

We’ll dispose of it or turn it over to the proper policing agency. 

Undeliverable items from outside Canada

We’ll return undeliverable items that originate in the United States or other countries to the office responsible for undeliverable mail of the country of origin.

You must direct all questions about undeliverable mail to customer service at 1‑800‑267‑1177.

Please note:

For surplus product samples, the local delivery facility may donate the items to a local charity.