Automatic Tracking Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of Canada Post’s Automatic Tracking Beta (“Beta”). Please read them carefully.

    1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to participate in Canada Post’s Automatic Tracking Beta and agree to Canada Post’s Delivery Preference Terms and Conditions which continue to apply. Following your participation in the Beta you will have the ability to continue using Automatic Tracking and may be required to agree to updated Terms and Conditions. Instructions in this regard will be provided.

    2. For Canada Post trackable packages, Canada Post will match packages in accordance with the details in your Canada Post profile, such as your name(s) and address. Automatic Tracking will enable you to have your Canada Post package tracking numbers auto-added to your Canada Post Track list (“auto-adding”). This service also enables notifications specific to packages whose tracking numbers are auto-added to your Track list. You may unsubscribe from these notifications at any time within your Automatic Tracking preferences. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your Canada Post profile, including making any necessary name or address changes, in order to maintain auto-adding, as well as notifications.

    3. You must receive packages at a residence or a FlexDeliveryTM address as set out in the Beta subscription process in order to participate.

    4. Your Automatic Tracking subscription information, including but not limited to your full name, any alternate names, address, phone number, email address, your FlexDelivery ID and address (if applicable), shall be used for the purpose of matching and auto-adding Canada Post package tracking numbers to your Canada Post Track list and providing notifications, as well as for applying a Delivery Preference for all packages that are eligible for such preference regarding same. This information may also be used for Canada Post communications to you regarding your Automatic Tracking subscription.

    5. Not all tracking numbers relating to your package services with Canada Post will be captured and appear within your Canada Post Track list. For example, gifts ordered by you and being delivered to an individual that does not reside at the address in your profile will not be shown, nor will a package that you have returned to a merchant through Canada Post. Additionally, you may see a tracking number that you are unaware of as a result, for example, of a package ordered by someone else for you. Should you become aware of a package that does not belong to you, you will have the option of identifying this package as “not mine” within your Track list. Any such package will still be delivered as per its identified address.

    6. Auto-added tracking numbers may appear on your Track list at any point during the delivery process. You may add or delete tracking numbers manually should you wish to do so.

    7. Canada Post will continue to first attempt to deliver packages as per your usual delivery mode (i.e. community mailbox, parcel locker). You can add a Delivery Preference for packages auto-added by Canada Post through the Beta. Delivery will be attempted in accordance with your Delivery Preference should delivery through the usual delivery mode not be possible. You will have the ability to override any Delivery Preference, if applicable, for a specific auto-added package by viewing the Track details of this package. These features apply only to eligible parcels (e.g. not applicable to parcels requiring proof of age/identity or signature).

    8. Without limiting any other limitations of liability that apply to delivery of a Package by Canada Post, none of Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors will have any liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising in connection with (a) your use or attempted use of the Beta; or (b) Canada Post’s delivery or attempted delivery of the Package (or failure to deliver the Package) in accordance with the service you have selected. This limitation of liability applies (a) no matter what kind of loss or damage you experience, including, without limitation, lost business profits, property damage, personal injury or any other loss or damage; (b) whether the action is in contract, tort or otherwise; (c) even if Canada Post is expressly advised of the possibility of loss or damage; and (d) not matter what caused the loss or damages, including without limitation Canada Post’s negligence or gross negligence.

    9. You will indemnify Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors against all claims, damages, losses, fines, expenses (including all legal fees and costs) and/or any other type of liability (collectively, “Claims”) that arise from any damage, obstruction, interference, loss or theft of any property or information of Canada Post or any other party, that you cause through your use of the Beta, or that is caused by someone who has obtained from you information we have sent you in the delivery notification or any other communication.

    10. These Terms and Conditions and your use of the Beta option are also subject to Canada Post’s online Terms of Use.