Delivery Times for Mail and Parcels Sent from Outside of Canada

    Delivery timelines

    The delivery timelines for incoming parcels and mail vary based on which country the item was sent from and the type of service the sender used.

    Tracking a parcel or mail sent from outside of Canada

    If the sender used a service that includes tracking, you can track your item on the postal website of the country where the item was sent from. Find other countries’ websites at the Universal Postal Union.

    Once the item clears customs and enters the Canada Post system, you can use the original tracking number (if you had one) to get your estimated delivery time.

    Customs and delivery timelines

    All parcels and mail coming from outside of Canada must first pass through customs. Canada Post has no control of how long an item will take to clear customs and we do not receive any information about the item during customs’ processing.

    Continue to check online for status updates for your item(s). You can also sign up for email delivery confirmations by following the instructions here.