An item I sent to another country has not been delivered yet. Where is it?

    Delivery times depend on the shipping service used and the destination country.

    Please keep in mind that items sent internationally must first clear customs. Depending upon volumes, delays may occur. We cannot intervene in the customs process nor can the postal administration of the destination country.

    Regular mail items without tracking numbers move through the destination country's regular mail; we are not advised of delivery nor can we inquire about status.

    What you can do...

    If you are the sender and the delivery standard date has passed, file a claim online.

    If you are the receiver in a country that is not Canada, unfortunately you can’t open a service ticket (neither online nor by phone). If the expected delivery time has passed and you wish to investigate, contact the sender to initiate an inquiry.

    • For international parcels (Air and Surface items) tracking information is available only for events within Canada.
    • Tracking is not available for Small Packet USA and Small packet international items.
    • Delivery updates are available if you:
      • Create parcel orders with an electronic shipping tool at Canada Post,
      • Use a customer-developed or third-party shipping system, or
      • Use our tracking tool.