Why is tracking information unavailable for my package?

    If you receive a message indicating that tracking information is unavailable for your parcel, it doesn't mean that your package hasn't been mailed. It may mean that:

    • There has been a delay between when your parcel was scanned and the availability of tracking information online. Please check again later.
    • Tracking information isn’t available yet. This may be the case in rural locations, or when information is provided by foreign postal administrations. Please check again later.
    • Your item was sent using one of the following services to U.S. or international destinations for which tracking information and delivery confirmation are not available:
      • Small Packet
      • Light Packet
      • Letter-post

    We understand the difficulties that arise when you are unable to access up-to-date tracking information for your package. Please rest assured that our delivery experts are hard at work making sure that your package reaches its destination as quickly and safely as possible.

    To receive the most up-to-date tracking information about your parcel, you can sign up for Delivery updates by email.