Suspicious letters and parcels

    How to identify and what to do

    What to do with a suspicious letter or package

    1. Contact the police immediately.
    2. Do not handle, shake or smell the suspicious item.
    3. Do not return the item to Canada Post.
    4. Isolate the item and evacuate the vicinity.
    5. If you have handled the item, wash your hands.

    A combination of the following may make a mail item suspicious

    If a letter or package is open and/or a threat is identified

    For a bomb

    • Evacuate the area immediately.
    • Call local emergency services.

    For biological or chemical substances

    • Isolate— do not handle.
    • Evacuate area immediately.
    • Wash your hands with soap and warm water.
    • Call local emergency services.

    For radioactive substances

    • Limit exposure — do not handle.
    • Evacuate the area immediately.
    • Shield yourself from object.
    • Call local emergency services.