Get a discounted rate to mail library materials to your Canadian patrons. Postage paid by your library at the time of mailing covers both the outgoing and the return postage.

    Eligible libraries

    The following types of Canadian libraries are eligible for this service:

    • public libraries
    • university libraries
    • libraries maintained by non-profit organizations for use by the general public

    How it works

    1. Complete a Library Materials Service Application Form and get authorization from the Canadian Library Association (CLA) to use this service and ship at Library Materials prices. 
    2. Once approved, sign in to the CLA’s Library Materials Shipping Tool  with your User ID and password whenever you need to ship library materials.  

    Library materials include:

    • books
    • magazines
    • records
    • audiovisual materials (e.g. CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs)
    • similar library materials

    Note: If your library already has a shipping agreement with Canada Post, you can also use Canada Post’s to ship your library materials.

    1. Send your library materials from one of the following locations:
      • post office
      • processing plant
      • street letter box (This option is available if you use one of the above shipping tools and pay by credit card or affix the correct amount of postage to the item.)

    Library shipping rates

    Rates are based on a cost per item, plus weight and destination.

    Size and weight specifications

    Learn more about our Library Material Mailing Service.

    Size and weight specifications

    Your library material parcels must meet our size and weight specifications.

    (longest side)

    100 mm

    70 mm

    1 mm



    Length = 1 m
    Length + Girth = 2 m
    Girth is the distance around your item: (width + height) x 2

    5 kg