Eco Sécurica’s marketing magic

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Meet Eco Sécurica – an inspiring Canadian small business that was selected as the winner of the Marketing Magic category of our Small Business Tales of Triumph Contest. This category of the contest is reserved for businesses that are investing in marketing to strengthen and support their business’s growth. Let’s get to know this amazing company and find out how they’re doing just that.

Benoit Legault et sa partenaire se tiennent devant une voiture à hayon dont les portes affichent une publicité de Rod le répulsif

Eco Sécurica at a glance

Eco Sécurica Inc. was founded by Benoit Legault. The company creates brand concepts and distributes products, mainly in hardware stores and RV centres in Canada.

Making a splash with Rod le Répulsif

One of the most notable brands that Eco Sécurica distributes is Rod Repellent Rodents Away Odor Free. They knew the name was  too long and complicated to pronounce so they decided to rename the product using an abbreviation and Rod le Répulsif / Rod the Repellent was born!

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An epic marketing campaign

Beyond giving it a catchier name, the team at Eco Sécurica set out to revamp the product’s marketing. They gave it new imagery, a slogan, and created a 15-second 2D-animation TV commercial to promote it.

Rod le Répulsif officially launched at the end of August in 2021 with the first broadcast of the 2D-animation commercial. To expand and multiply their points of sale, they set up a display with a screen to stimulate sales through video. The commercial was also used in TVA’s television campaign for the show Salut Bonjour, with a column presented by Jean-François Baril. They also launched a web campaign on the Hublo platform of the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec, accompanied by a digital co-branded purchase. Rod was also featured in FQCC magazine alongside a test column on the product. This effectively reached the magazine’s RV customers. They also broadcast a commercial on WKND 91.9 FM radio station which opened the door to independent hardware stores.

Gaining momentum

Their initial goal was to sell 5,000 units of Rod, but they sold 30,000 units in just 3 months! In the RV space, no product has ever enjoyed such an impressive expansion in such a short period of time. Inspired, they pivoted to ecommerce in addition to opening shopping outlets.

After their marketing campaign’s success, the product was picked up by major retail stores including hardware chain stores BMR and Home Hardware. More than 80% of RV stores in Quebec now sell their products and they’re also going to be available in Patrick Morin soon.

We were proud to name Eco Sécurica as the winner of the Marketing Magic category in our 2023 Tales of Triumph Contest. This small business is delivering more for Canadians and serving as a source of marketing inspiration for other businesses.