FlexDelivery: Offering your customers more convenience and control

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Give your e-commerce business an edge with enhanced delivery and shipping options. Learn about FlexDelivery and how it allows your customers to tailor the delivery experience to meet their unique needs.

It’s no secret that today’s connected shoppers demand both choice and flexibility when it comes to receiving their online orders. To compete, successful e-commerce retailers need to focus on their end-to-end order management processes like never before, seizing every opportunity when it comes to driving conversions.

If shipping costs, multiple delivery options, and return/refund alternatives aren’t completely transparent and highlighted as early as possible in the customer journey, you can expect a lot of abandoned carts.

Streamlined delivery means customer satisfaction

In a recent study, 66% of shoppers bought goods from one retailer rather than another because the delivery services offered were more appealing. What’s more, one in two said they opted to not complete an online order simply because of poor delivery choices.

Canada Post research bears this out: 21% of shoppers will complete an online purchase if offered flexible delivery and pick up options at checkout. What’s more, 67% of shoppers would be more inclined to buy high-value items when offered more delivery options.

Give customers more convenience and control

Clearly, getting the delivery experience right is important when it comes to building a loyal customer base. Today’s shoppers want the ability to customize delivery to meet their specific needs, and in relation to each purchase they make.

Increasingly, online shoppers are opting for delivery at a more convenient collection point so they can decide when and where to pick up their parcel – after work, during their lunch break or even over the weekend.

With over 6,200 convenient post office locations, and the country’s largest delivery network, Canada Post is uniquely positioned to satisfy this expectation. In fact, with FlexDelivery, the post office is a potential secure pickup location for your online shoppers – at no additional cost.

Offering your customers choice and convenience when it comes to delivery will not only increase sales, y but also help minimize ongoing customer service and operational costs.

More delivery options for your online business

Isn’t it time to offer your shoppers convenient delivery and pickup options closest to them? Customers can choose up to 15 locations near their home, gym, or office and receive automatic email alerts when their packages are ready for pick up.

Those packages are safe and secure (for up to 15 days) until customers are ready to pick them up at a time that suits their individual schedules. What’s more, they can say goodbye to missed delivery attempts or time wasted waiting for deliveries.

Registration couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Customers sign up at canadapost.ca/flexdelivery and choose their preferred post office locations(s).
  2. They are given a FlexDelivery address and Unique ID to use as their ship-to address when they shop online.
  3. They receive an email notice when their item is ready for pickup at their chosen post office.

How to prepare your e-commerce business for FlexDelivery

Roughly 1.25 million consumers in Canada use post office boxes as their primary address for deliveries, while 250,000 more use them for convenience. Yet, many retailers don’t offer delivery to P.O. boxes, which means some customers are not getting the delivery experience they prefer.

When you add the ability to deliver to a PO box to your online store, it shows you’re responsive to all your customers. It’s also a simple selling feature that can help you move shoppers smoothly through the conversion funnel.

To enable your customers to use their FlexDelivery address and FlexDelivery Unique ID when they shop on your site, you’ll need to verify that:

  • Your e-commerce solution can accommodate P.O. Box delivery.
  • Address fields are large enough to capture the P.O. Box number and the 8-digit FlexDelivery Unique ID.
  • A second address field is available to capture all the required information.
  • Your address verification software is up-to-date.

Offer exceptional delivery

Give your customers options with FlexDelivery from Canada Post.

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