Practical tips and info for managing e-commerce business growth

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There’s a point when every business finds that success itself brings a few challenges. Maybe it’s taking your marketing to the next level and integrating it into several channels? Or retooling fulfillment processes to ensure your customers still get the level of service and choice that helped build loyal customers for your online store in the first place?

Find resources and practical solutions to managing your business growth at every turn in the following articles.

E-commerce by the numbers – an exclusive Canadian snapshot. Learn which market segments are growing, and be surprised by some geographic hotspots.

Make returns easier for your customers and yourself – and build shopper loyalty. Merchant or customer – nobody enjoys dealing with returns. But handled the right way, research shows that they can be the superglue of shopper loyalty. See the 3 pillars of customer returns.

This is your brain on direct mail. The latest neuromarketing research confirms that when you get your mail into customers’ hands, they pay attention. The Science of Activation combines physicality, data and connectivity. Read our interview with Canada Post marketing VP Bill Gunton.

Why Amazon is opening physical outlets and Loblaws is going digital. Shoppers expect brands to provide the right mix of cost, convenience and sensory experience. Learn more.

An easy win – parcel pickup saves time and ups efficiency. Shipping volumes on the rise? See how on-demand or scheduled parcel pickups can help manage the growth pains of online retail fulfillment.

Fine-tuning fulfillment strategies to help decrease shopping cart abandonment. Nearly 1 in 4 online shoppers have walked away from a purchase because of delivery timing issues. Find resources for tweaking your fulfillment tactics.

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