How to get your business started on social media

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Social media can seem intimidating, but getting your business up and running can be much easier than you think.

According to Jon Cogan, President and Founder of digital marketing agency Blend360, social media is an easy, cost-effective way for your business to gain visibility, build relationships and grow sales.

Based on Cogan’s vast experience, he offers these tips for business owners looking to get started on social media:

  • Don’t overcommit

    It’s not essential for your business to be the most active member of every social community and channel. Pick one relevant social platform to start with. Spend your time where your customers are and where they are likely to be looking for your business.

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  • Speak visually

    Images and short videos cut through the chatter. As a rule of thumb, always include a visual when posting on social media. Test a variety of images to see what images are most likely to drive engagement.

  • Develop a rhythm

    Hourly and daily posts are not necessary to be successful. Post on a schedule that doesn’t overwhelm you, or your audience. Less frequent but more thoughtful posts are better than a barrage of content. Cogan suggests using a content calendar with a posting plan, or even a social scheduling software tool such as Post Beyond, to help operationalize your approach.

  • Don’t be shy

    Success in social media comes from taking a stand and having a point of view. Plain language, a clear tone and even humour can help your company stand out from its competitors. Check out @PehrDesigns on Instagram or Pinterest to see an example of a Canadian business that has found its voice.

  • Keep learning

    Test everything. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Not every approach will be successful at first try: progress requires determination and persistence. Consider a small investment to amplify a few initiatives to find out what works best for your audience.

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