Marketing tips for your small business during the 2020 holiday season

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Every year, the holiday shopping season is critical for many businesses. But this year, amid COVID-19, the stakes will be higher than ever as navigating the retail landscape becomes more complex. The way Canadians are shopping has evolved, but there are ways you can get ahead, stand out and succeed. To do so, you’ll need to tweak and maximize your marketing efforts for both your customers and prospects.

Here are five tips on how you can market your business effectively this holiday season:

1. Don’t wait – start marketing for the holidays now

Consumers have told us they plan to start holiday shopping earlier this year – weeks before Black Friday. This is good news. It means you can smooth out your volumes and stay on top of inventory issues. It also means you can maximize marketing opportunities throughout the holiday season.

  • 54 per cent are open to shopping early in 2020 if enticed to do so.

The trick is to start marketing early in the season, and to make sure your messages match the time frame in which you’re sending them.

2. Pair the right message with the right offer

By all accounts, this year’s holiday spend will be reduced. This year you’ll need to make your brand stand out as much as possible to compete for your share of the holiday spend.

  • 32 per cent of online shoppers expect to spend less this holiday season.

When it comes to marketing, give it everything you’ve got – this is not a year to do less. Perfect your efforts. Make sure you’re creating and combining the right message with the right offer for your ideal customers.

View our infographic for insights to fuel your holiday season and 2021 plans.

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3. Use your size to your advantage

More than ever, Canadians want to support small and local businesses. Our recent Canada Post consumer survey conducted during COVID-19 revealed that:

  • 85 per cent of consumers who bought more online from small businesses to support them say they will continue to support smaller businesses as much as they can after COVID-19.
  • 51 per cent of Canadians surveyed welcome receiving promos from small, local businesses.

Highlight the fact that you’re a small business on your website and in your marketing efforts. If you serve a local community, make sure that you emphasize your connection to that community.

4. Extend the time period of your holiday offers

Research shows that marketing mail lingers in the home. It will most likely outlast your digital ads.

  • 8 in 10 consumers will display advertising mail of interest in their household.
  • 7 in 10 will share advertising mail within their household.

Capitalize on mail’s longevity by creating long-lasting offers that extend through the holiday season.

5. Find ways to be omni-present

The simplest way to stand out is to be visible on as many channels as you can – including digital and physical. For instance, you may not be able to be on a billboard, but you can be in the mailbox. Keep in mind that it’s not only about being seen everywhere. The secret to successful omni-channel marketing is making sure your messages are integrated – that they amplify each other.

  • Consumers spend 39 per cent more time with integrated direct mail and digital campaigns than with digital-only campaigns.
  • Direct mail + digital campaigns garner 10 per cent higher brand recall than single-media digital campaigns.

To maximize your presence, craft ads that will appear on different channels as part of a single, unified campaign. Your message will be repeatedly reinforced to your customers, increasing its chances of sinking in and motivating action.

Beat the rush and leverage these tips to get in market early this holiday season.

Canada Post. 2020 Spring Survey, 20-208, June 2020.

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