The power of direct mail – Your essential how-to guide

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We get all kinds of questions about direct mail. Some marketers are seeking creative inspiration – looking for ways to adapt great ideas to their unique challenges. Others want to understand how direct mail fits their brand and business objectives.

You might want to know:

  • The best way to sequence your physical and digital communications for the greatest impact.
  • Leverage data to drive better results.
  • The most popular envelopes.
  • The best format and colours to choose.
  • Offers to include in your mailing.

From big to small, they’re all relevant questions, and everybody has them. In our exclusive blog series, and comprehensive how-to direct mail guide, we cover it all from A to Z.

The Essential Guide to Direct Mail: Everything you’ve always wanted to ask.

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Read on for the first article in our Direct Mail 101 series, designed to guide you through the basics and help your campaign achieve strong results.

Here is a sneak peek at the topics the guide will cover in more detail:

How to develop inspiring creative

If you’re unsure of how to create an inspiring direct mail campaign, think about what stands out to you in your own mailbox. Learn how to adapt and enhance those concepts and apply them to your business.

Find creative ideas from marketers you admire, and companies who’ve nailed it in INCITE magazine.

How to create personalized direct mail using data and targeting

Customers identify with brands who know precisely when to connect with them, what to say and what to offer. But personalization is easier said than done. That is where data comes in. By applying data to direct mail you can focus your targeting.

How to focus on your campaign objectives

Before you flesh out your next direct mail campaign, stop and contemplate what your marketing objectives for the campaign are.  Do you want to:

  • Find new customers to grow your business? (acquisition)
  • Delight existing customers by giving them reasons to come back? (retention)
  • Create ambassadors and influencers who champion your brand? (loyalty)

Focus on what you’re trying to achieve and check back often to make sure you’re on the right track.

Whatever your business objective, direct mail can help because:

How to integrate direct mail with other tactics to amplify your results

As human beings, we operate in both online and offline worlds. Today, we don’t have to choose between the two. Instead, we need to learn how to combine them for better results. Integrating direct mail into digital campaigns has more impact than using any one channel on its own. Compared to single-media campaigns, integrated campaigns earn more attention (39 per cent more, in fact), emotional engagement (5 per cent) and brand recall (10 per cent).3

How to test, learn and measure

Analyzing the results of your marketing campaigns is imperative. It’s the only way to assess if they were successful, and to figure out how to make adjustments to them if they weren’t.

There’s no single definition for success, but when it comes to your marketing campaigns, your results need to support your business objectives. Some typical objectives for campaigns include generating more:

  • traffic
  • sales
  • clicks
  • downloads
  • basket items
  • brand awareness
  • customer interactions

The best way to assess if a particular campaign is working is to experiment, test, fine-tune and track your results along the way for comparison.

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Direct mail can be a key part of converting your audience.

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1 Canada Post. Breaking Through the Noise, 2015.
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