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How Land Rover made their customers feel seen

Land Rovers can take on any obstacles in the desert, but the same can’t be said of their owners. The Arabian Desert is one of the most extreme environments on Earth – scorching temperatures, deadly animals, sudden sinkholes. Even the most experienced drivers can quickly succumb to its dangers.

A marketing stroke of genius

Knowing this, Land Rover in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) created a practical desert survival guide as a giveaway to all Land Rover owners. Full of extreme tips to stay alive in the desert, the guide arrived in reflective packaging [to signal for help]. It was bound with a metal spiral [for cooking]. As a last resort, drivers could actually eat the book [edible ink and paper, with a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger].

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Why it was genius branding

The Edible Desert Survival Guide was a genuinely clever piece of communication, helping build loyalty to the Land Rover brand. A wonderful reaffirmation of tough, rugged Land Rovers, the survival guide reinforced the reasons why people buy the brand – thinking of themselves as adventurers even if they aren’t.

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Direct mail that delivered results

Delivered to 5,000 existing customers, the initial response was so positive that Land Rover included it in the next issue of a car magazine with a circulation of 70,000. A strong endorsement for the survival of the fittest and a testament to the value of nurturing your existing customers with immersive and useful retention marketing.

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