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Retail’s responsible reset
“This is retail’s moment of truth. The imperative is to reset the business responsibly, and then have the agility to keep resetting to find profitable growth in an ever changing and challenging world.”

Predictions 2022: Retailers Will Compete On “Pre-Loved,” Returns — And New Partners
“2022 will be a year of investment and new partnerships as retailers position their business model, strategy, marketing, stores, and operations to flourish in a post-pandemic world.”

What’s on trend for retail in 2022? Here are 5 predictions
“If the past two years have taught the retail industry anything, it’s to meet the unexpected, eye-to-eye, with more of the unexpected. Unexpected as in surprising channels, unpredictable brand partnerships and even a dose of the expected.”

A time for hope: Consumers’ outlook brightens despite headwinds
“… some things never change: when it comes to shopping, price and convenience still matter most, even as other factors, such as sustainability, are increasingly on consumers’ minds.”

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