Postal services

Send business mail and see what's available at the post office

Find out how to send bills and invoices in the mail or how you can distribute your magazine or newspaper across Canada. If you prefer to transact in person, visit one of our 6,200+ post offices for a variety of services like renting a post office box or buying prepaid credit cards.


Save money on postage when you send more than 1,000 letters within Canada, or over 100 pieces abroad. Send out published material like magazines and newspapers or prepaid reply mail to your customers. We have all your mailing services at the post office or online.

Buy stamps and postage meters

For everyday business mail or large-scale mailings, choose the postage that meets your needs –stamps, postage meters, or indicia.
Purchase stamps and meters

Keep your mail secure and private

Rent a post office box or large-volume container at the post office for secure, private and reliable mail delivery.
Rent a post office box

Prevent fraud with identity authentication

Use Digital Proof of Identity service to verify your customer’s identity. Your customers start their ID verification process with you and then complete it in-person at the post office.
Verify customer identity

Quick links for sending mail

Find a post office

Give us an address and we’ll provide a list of the nearest post offices, the hours of operation and available services.

Find a postal code

Use this handy tool when you need a Canadian address. Start typing in an address and suggested addresses with postal codes will appear.

Find an address

If you have a postal code but need an address, this tool is for you. Enter a postal code and we’ll give you address information.

Find a drop-off location

Locate the most convenient deposit location to drop off your large volume parcel shipments or marketing campaign flyers or postcards.


    We have flat rate postage-paid envelopes for mailing documents, labels, bubble wrap and more.