NCOA Mover Data Service

    Keep customer addresses up-to-date

    Millions of Canadians move every year, stay in touch with your customers with our National Change of Address (NCOA™) Mover Data service. Maintain the accuracy of your mailing lists with Canada’s most comprehensive, up-to-date source of mover information.

    Why update customer address data

    Extend customer lifetime

    Don’t lose touch with customers when they move. Update your database with their new address.

    Keep lists up to date

    Current and accurate address information enables better customer profiling and insights

    Improve returns on mail campaigns

    Don’t waste money on undeliverable and returned mail. Get your message into your customers’ hands.

    How NCOA Mover Data service works

    Canada Post licenses NCOA Mover Data to approved Service Bureaus who in turn offer businesses software or professional services that enable customer data updates. Mover Data Services form a privacy compliant database that contains millions of mover records. View our list of approved Service Bureaus to find the data provider that’s right for you.

    Licensed NCOA Service Bureaus

    Company Contact Email Telephone
    Flagship Software LTD Kristi Kanitz 1-866-672-0007
    Global-Z International, INC. Marty Shaw 802-445-1011 Jeff Bisset 1-800-454-0223
    JSI Data Systems David Etmanskie 613-727-9353
    Melissa Data Canada Corporation Rick Brusca 1-800-800-6245
    Pitney Bowes of Canada LTD Raymond Chin 203-922-6961
    Micro World Michel Findlay 604-741-1718

    There are two types of data updates that can be applied:

    • New address information of existing customers
    • One-time update of an entire mailing list with new address information
    The NCOA Mover Data service cannot be used to create or supplement mover campaigns. Learn about our mover data in order to promote your business to movers.

    How to access NCOA

    1. Sign in to your Canada Post business Profile or register for a Profile to access mover data.
    2. Review and agree to the NCOA Mover Data Terms of Use on behalf of your business. All parties must agree to the NCOA Terms of Use in order to clean up your customer data.
      View End User Terms of Use
      View Service Provider Terms of Use 
    3. Once the terms are accepted you will receive a Terms of Use ID that can be shared with the NCOA service provider handling your request. The NCOA provider will validate the provided ID and process your data.
    Access NCOA Terms of Use

    Contact us for NCOA support

    Send any questions about the NCOA Mover Data Service to your NCOA provider or to our customer support team.
    Reset your NCOA password
    Call our technical support team to reset your password or if you’re having any other trouble with your sign in credentials.