Audience insights and solutions

    Find and target the right audience to increase sales, gain insights and reduce costs

    Access up-to-date customer lists to help boost your acquisition efforts. Clean your own lists to avoid wasted marketing efforts and maintain relationships with existing customers. Mine your data for actionable business insights.

    Talk to an expert

    Take the guesswork out of your next campaign

    Deepen your knowledge of current customers – and connect with similar audiences – to help improve campaign results.

    Access our prospect lists

    Reach customers who are looking for what you sell with Canada's most up-to-date, complete listing of businesses and consumers.

    Define target audience by:
    • Geo-location
    • Age, income, education
    • Lifestyle
    • Online shopping habits
    • Recently moved
    • Types of business and more
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    Clean customer data

    Get rid of invalid and out-of-date addresses and update customer records to make your marketing budget go further.

    Services include:
    • Address accuracy
    • Adding missing suite numbers in multi-unit buildings
    • Updates to customers on the move (NCOA)
    • De-duplication by name and address
    • Suppressing the CMA "Do not contact" list and those who have passed away.
    Clean your customer data

    Develop audience insights

    Find the best audience for your marketing message by analyzing pre- and post-campaign data.
    • Before launching a campaign, understand your customer base and target prospects who have similar traits to your best customers.
    • After a campaign, measure results:
      • Analyze response rates and profile respondents to optimize your next marketing effort.
      • For campaigns with drive-to-store calls to action, track foot traffic going into your store before and after recipients have received a communication.
    Get audience insights

    License our data

    Support your in-house marketing analytics with complete access to postal code and address data.
    • Target the letter carrier routes with your most promising prospects for your Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM campaigns.
    • Improve market segmentation and penetration for Canada Post Personalized MailTM campaigns with advanced customer analytics.
    Get licensed data products

    Data tools and resources

    Data cleaning calculator

    See how much you can save when you use a clean mailing list.

    Verify customer addresses

    Do it instantly on your website or application using AddressCompleteTM – help increase conversion rates by saving keystrokes.

    Expert partners

    Let our Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM partners take care of all the details for you – design, targeting, printing, mail preparation and more.

    Data partners

    Connect with suppliers of data services in order to understand your client base, design and target your campaigns, and optimize your Smartmail Marketing campaigns.

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