How it works

Move your travel money between currencies and view any recent transactions.


Simply register your card through Mastercard My Account to see your balance(s).

Mobile app

You can also download the Zenwallet mobile app to access your balance and transaction history on the go.


By phoning Mastercard Global Assistance you can use the automated balance service to get a balance of all your currencies.

You may also be able to make a balance enquiry at some ATMs, although this depends on the country and the ATM used. Please note that with ATM:

  • There may be a fee payable (to the ATM operator) for balance enquiries.
  • If an ATM displays a balance for the card, it may be displayed in US Dollars or in a different currency, the exchange rate applied may be different to ours and discrepancies can arise.
  • ATMs will not display a separate balance for each currency. An accurate balance for each currency can be obtained through Mastercard My Account, by phoning Global Assistance or through the Zenwallet mobile app.
If you have any queries about your Cash Passport balance or you notice a card transaction that you do not recognize, please notify the Mastercard Global Assistance team as soon as possible and in any event within 60 days of the transaction date.

Reload process

Bring your Cash Passport card, government issued photo ID and a form of payment to your local post office and they will reload your card for you. Payments will only be accepted from the primary cardholder.

If you purchased your card at a post office you can also reload online. You will not receive interest on the balance on the card or the funds you provide when loading and reloading the card.
A woman reloads her Cash Passport card at Canada Post counter by presenting her government-issued photo ID.

ATM locator

It’s easy to find a convenient ATM to access money from your Cash Passport. You can use your Cash Passport to withdraw local currency from millions of ATM around the worldFootnote * which display the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark.

Find an ATM near you

How does my card stay valid?

Of course you can use Cash Passport for one trip, but remember it’s valid for up to 5 years (see the valid thru on the front of your card), so you can use it multiple times during the lifetime of the card. Simply reload it for your next trip, load currency onto it when the exchange rate looks attractive or when you have a little spare money.

Make Cash Passport your simple and smart long-term solution for managing your holiday money. Simply keep your card, free of charge for 12 months from the date you last made a purchase, a withdrawal at an ATM or added money to your card. If you haven’t had any activity on your card for 12 months or longer, then you may incur a fee (unless prohibited by law). See the fees and limits table.

Cashing out before the card expires

If your card is still valid but you don’t want to keep it for another trip, you can withdraw your remaining money from an ATM displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark (assuming it is within the ATM’s issuing limits).

Alternatively, you can contact Mastercard Global Assistance, and have your balance (less any fees and subject to exchange rates, if applicable) refunded to a bank account in the name of the primary cardholder only. You may be given the option to donate (some or all) of your left-over funds to charity. Please see your terms and conditions for more information

If your card already expired

If you bought your card at the post office, you may be able to take your expired Cash Passport (with valid photo ID) back to the post office to get any leftover money and obtain a new card. Please check with the relevant location for more information plus details of any applicable exchange rate and fees.

Québec sales only: The card will be available for re-issue on the expiry date indicated on the face of the card without reduction of the card balance.

Are you experiencing issues with your card?

If you’re having problems using your card, here’s what you should check first:

  • Make sure you have enough money on the card for your purchase.
  • Are you using the correct PIN? Get a reminder through your Cash Passport account or over the phone.
  • Does the merchant that you are purchasing from accept Mastercard?
  • Your card has maximum limits on how much you can withdraw or spend - Are you exceeding them? In addition, some ATMs may have their own limits.
  • Are you using your card in a restricted region?
    There are a number of countries and geographical regions where the use of Cash Passport is currently prohibited. If you attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM, or use your card at shops, restaurants, hotels and online in any of these countries or geographical regions, your request will be declined and the reason given as ‘Decline, prohibited country’. The countries and geographical regions currently affected are: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Crimea.
For all other issues make sure to contact Mastercard Global Assistance right away or visit the Cash Passport FAQ section for quick tips.

Need more information?

Visit our full terms and conditions for detailed information about Cash PassportTM Prepaid Mastercard®.