Letters and mail

    Find postage rates, mail measurements and sending options

    Send your mail within Canada or internationally with Canada Post. See how to calculate your postage rate and letter size. Also find options to send your item faster, track it and add creativity.

    Postage rates

    Use postage stamps to send your letters, cards and other lightweight papers anywhere in the world. You can calculate how much postage you’ll need and buy stamps online or at your nearest post office.

    Letter weight and size

    Know which mail size applies to your item to get the right postage rate. Use weight and dimensions to determine whether your mail is standard or oversize. Also, see tips to prepare large mailings for special occasions.

    Registered Mail

    Track your item, get insurance and confirm its arrival with a signature. International options are available for Registered Mail TM.

    Collectible stamps

    Discover commemorative stamps

    Commemorative stamps portray the best in Canadian culture, from historical moments to famous figures, in limited editions. View and buy our latest stamps online or at your local post office.

    View commemorative stamps

    The stories behind commemorative stamps

    Revel in the world of stamp storytelling. For each series, find fascinating historical facts and details on the artistry involved. Go through the history of our stamps from 1999 to the present.

    Read stamp stories

    Get mailing information quickly

    Find a rate

    Find out how much postage to use on your items with our quick calculation tool.

    Find a postal code

    Look up any Canadian postal code with part of an address.

    Find a post office

    Get personal service at a post office near you.

    Find a delivery standard

    See options on delivery speeds based on your Canadian destination.