Your options for delivery speed, price and reassurance

    Use our online tools to prepare to ship your parcel at home and then head to one of our over 6,200 conveniently located post offices to drop it off.

    Shipping services

    Wherever you want to send it, there’s an ideal combination of features and options for your needs.

    Within Canada

    For packages shipped to a neighboring community or elsewhere in Canada

    Send within Canada


    For packages shipped to the U.S. and elsewhere outside of Canada

    Send internationally

    Simplify the sending process

    Learn about shipping restrictions, prepare customs forms online and get duties and taxes estimates in advance or ship a flat rate box.

    Shipping restrictions

    See what you can and can’t send through Canada Post, including special packaging requirements and restrictions.

    See restrictions

    Customs forms

    Prepare your online customs form at home to avoid delays at the post office.

    Complete customs form

    Duties and taxes

    Get an estimate of the international duties and taxes payable at the destination before you send your parcels.

    Estimate duties and taxes

    Print a label at home

    Pay for and print a shipping label or easily return your online purchase.

    Prepare a parcel

    Get your parcel ready at home. Measure and weigh your item and choose your options, pay and print the label. Only for parcels sent within Canada.
    Ship online

    Return a purchase

    Quickly print a return label for an online purchase using your merchant code.
    Get a return label

    Need more information?

    Read our guide for details on all services, features, options and pricing we offer at Canada Post.
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