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Cannabis is a regulated product with specific delivery requirements. You need to make sure the contents, packaging, and labelling of your shipments meet the requirements set out below, and follow all applicable laws. Other restrictions and requirements may apply.

Acceptable services

  • Priority™
  • Xpresspost™
  • Expedited Parcel™

Licensed commercial shippers of medical cannabis must add the Signature option.

Licensed commercial shippers of recreational cannabis must add the Proof of Age option.

Shipping cannabis

You may only deposit items in Canada, and only for delivery in Canada.

The weight of the final package (including inner and outer packaging) must be at least 50 g for us to process it as a licensed seller’s shipment in our delivery network.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that shipments containing any regulated product follow all applicable legislation and regulations.

Packaging cannabis

You must prepare shipments in a manner that ensures the security of the contents.

This includes packaging that:

  • Won’t open or allow contents to escape during handling and transportation
  • Is sealed so it can’t be opened without the seal being broken
  • Prevents the escape of cannabis odour
  • Prevents contents from being identified without it being opened

Please note: If the shipment can’t meet these or other requirements, it will be removed from our delivery network.

The following information isn’t intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging cannabis. Using the suggested packaging doesn’t guarantee safe and completed delivery. Proper packaging is the sole responsibility of the sender.

Guidelines for inner packaging


Use a small plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag. Most zip-top or zipper bags aren’t odour-resistant, even if you use many bags.

Tamper proof

Include a seal to indicate if someone has tampered with the container.

Leak proof

For cannabis oil, use a leak-proof container and a sealed bag before placing it in the outer package.

Guidelines for outer packaging

Use a self-sealing and scent-blocking mailer for your outer packaging.

Unmarked cardboard box

Whether you’re using an odour-resistant plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag for the inner packaging, place it in a cardboard box for shipping. Outer packaging must be anonymous (no sign that the contents are cannabis).

Prevent odour

Keep outer packaging in a separate room until you’re ready to mail. If you keep packaging near your cannabis product, there’s a risk that the outer packaging will absorb the odour.